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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

A little too much of a good thing…

He Treats Me to a Feast; Notes from my Abundant Life

A little too much of a good thing…

Hast thou found honey? Eat only so much as is sufficient for thee, lest thou be filled therewith and vomit it.
Proverbs 25:16(KJV21)

So you knew there had to be a story about yesterday, right? A blog about the blog about having fun? Let’s just say that there is such a thing as too much of a good thing…..

Temperature in the 90s.  Relative humidity 70%.  UV index 9 (and it shows, on my newly more-bronzed skin).  Kids of various ages, 10, 14, and 16, old enough (and tall enough) to get on all the rides and pretty much look after themselves, as long as we all stuck together.  We did.  Only one conversation, before getting on the highway, about bickering and getting along. Only one conversation necessary.

It was to be the fulfillment of many dreams deferred; first roller coasters, first mastery of a fear of thrill rides, finally having a friend who likes to play and act as silly as me.  Nothing about the day disappointed.  We got wet.  We flew high.  We slew many dragons, suffering no ill effects.  WE HAD FUN.

I was even comfortable saying no.  There are things I know I should not do, and yesterday, without guilt or shame, I didn’t.  I let other people have fun.  Let other people choose the order and the variety of entertainment I said, after eating the “butterfly fries” or homemade chips that I love, that I was probably done.  I should’ve listened.  I didn’t.  There was one more thrill to seek.

From the Six Flags website
Standing 154 feet tall and reaching speeds of 63 mph, GREEN LANTERN ranks among the tallest and fastest roller coasters of its kind anywhere in the world. Unlike traditional seated coasters, GREEN LANTERN allows you to stand throughout the entire course of the ride that delivers a ride experience unlike any other. The two minute and thirty second thrill begins with a pulse-quickening 45 degree vertical drop before rocketing you through five inversions – including a 121-foot-tall loop, a 103-foot dive loop, a 72-foot inclined loop and twisted double corkscrews.   

I should’ve left the rest of the honey alone.  It was a day filled with unparalleled delights-- smiles on my children’s faces, the smile on my own and those of the people we were hanging out with in the park.  I’d sat out other rides, and it wasn’t like I wasn’t ever going back to Six Flags.  But, as is so often the case in life, we fall victim to our own free will.  Was it my fear of missing out, fear perhaps of the feeling that there was more joy if I only went a little further, my hunger for more when the scriptures say I should be satisfied? When is enough ever enough?  I will spare you the details except to say, we needed to pull over on the highway on the way home.  I should’ve left the rest of the honey alone.

So, today, resting, recuperating, reflecting, I found myself in Proverbs.  Have you found honey? Consider this; you didn’t discover the honey-look again, you found it.  It was placed there by Hands not seen but omnipresent.  If suddenly your honey pots were all to break, or your cache were to be taken away, He would provide.  He always does.

Be wise where I was foolish. There should be no need for excess among His people. Don’t be the last to leave the party.  Don’t be the one to eat the most.  Don’t do it if you think you shouldn’t.  There’s a reason why you think you shouldn’t.
So, a bit humbled, a little tired, a little wiser, I give thanks for the day I had.  WE HAD FUN.  I learned a lesson not anticipated, but much appreciated.  Thank you, Lord, for making my reflections on a day of fun as potent as was the day itself.  An unanticipated blessing.  See, I keep telling you….just further evidence that God is Good.

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