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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Unexpected Grace….

He Treats Me to a Feast; Notes from my Abundant Life

Unexpected Grace….

"Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you.”

More stuff to do than time or resources to get it done the way I wanted/planned/expected.  It has to get done--nobody cares.  Welcome to life.  Today was supposed to be one of those days; it’s the way I envisioned the week.  I won’t complain.  I won’t complain because I know that there, just beyond my grasp or line of sight, is just enough mercy to do everything necessary to satisfy God’s plan.  And that should be the lesson, right?

That is the lesson, but it’s not the only one.  God is so much bigger than our imaginings, and that lesson alone gives me one more reason to Praise Him.

I assess the day, offering praise that “it is what it is.”  I have shown up, and for all those who laid down last night and did not rise to face another day, I offer my thanks.  Rouse the husband, wake the kids, start the day.  I can do it, even if I’m not certain how.  I am assured that it will happen, not on wishes, but on Faith.

Gotta replace an essential that the boy must have today, and I really could use twice as much in my wallet as I have right now.  It’s still gotta get replaced.  Off to the best bargain spot I know, and sure enough, God was already there.  Not only was it there in his size, the item was on sale.  I reached for two, my regular habit, but drew back my hand.  I only need one, and that’s all I have to spend.  I’m walking to the checkout lane when it hits me-I have a gift card.

Here’s the thing about grace, it moves quietly.  If you’re not paying attention, you miss it all together.  “I almost forgot …” That’s Grace.  “Why didn’t I see that before….” That’s Grace.  “Really, I couldn’t, are you sure….” That’s Grace.  “Whew, just when I needed it most…” That’s Grace. “Thank you for the compliment, I didn’t realize anyone was paying attention….” Grace.

Unexpected Grace, like you’d appreciate Grace as much if you knew it was just around the corner.  Which it always is, though we never seem to remember.  Unexpected Grace. Evidence of abundance unlimited.  So I will take my limited resources, and all my Grace, and walk with my head held high.  Being thankful.  Walking not like my pockets are full, but walking assured that my Father’s overflow.  Further evidence that God is Good.

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