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Friday, February 25, 2011

Smile, though your heart is aching….

He Treats Me to a Feast; Notes from my Abundant Life

Smile, though your heart is aching….

You have turned my mourning into dancing;
you have taken off my sackcloth
and clothed me with joy,
so that my soul may praise you and not be silent.
O Lord my God, I will give thanks to you forever.
- Psalm 30:11-12

One of my favorite people commended me today for my ability to laugh at the things most people anguish over.  It’s just a survival mechanism; I wish I could take credit for it; it’s just the way I’m wired. 

I made my husband laugh this morning.  As we listened to today’s gloomy forecast, rain, wind, you know, soup and nap weather, I began to sing the Lena Horne classic, “Stormy Weather,” well, sort of.  My version went a little like this,

            Don’t know why, there’s no sun up in the sky, Stormy Weather
            Since my poor career ain’t together, it’s raining all the time. 
My resume’s bare, gloom and misery everywhere, Stormy Weather, 
blah, blah, blah

My ditty won’t win a Grammy.  It was never intended to.  In fact, if my husband hadn’t suggested blogging about it, I never would’ve told anybody, including my buddy, who also got a kick out of it after I sang her my “It’s Friday!” song.  It’s another one of my originals, and this one was so spontaneous that I don’t even remember it now. Hey, she was having a particularly HORRIBLE week, and I simply wanted to remind her that no matter what she might encounter in the office today, the weekend was merely hours away.  Sometimes you need someone to remind you, that no matter how challenged you feel in the midst of it all, you can, you WILL weather the storm.  She was laughing when we said goodbye.  It worked.

Oddly enough, funnily enough, (masochistically enough??), I am thankful for storms.  They remind me to appreciate sunshine.  When the winds and rain go away, figuratively and literally, I take deliberate pleasure in clear skies.  I look up.  I breathe deeply.   I give Thanks.  That hopefulness, that expectation gets me out of bed when it rains.  It helps me hold my head up when I remember my last job was more than a little while ago.  I find reasons to smile, reasons to stay engaged, reasons to keep going until the storm is over. 

The 30th psalm is a portion of the traditional Jewish service of morning prayers. It lists a myriad of reasons to be thankful, including, being lifted out of the depths (I can relate), healing (I can relate), the longevity of His favor (I can surely relate), and the reminder that no matter how sincerely current reality bites, He will turn your mourning into dancing and your joy will have no end. 

He wired me to smile, even with an aching heart.  Joy is coming, just beyond the gloom.  Suddenly, it ain’t so bad, and with that, my perspective is restored.  I’m recognizing balance, even if it hovers just beyond my reach.  I will get there.  And with that, I pick myself up, square my shoulders, and grab the umbrella.  I’m going in (or out).  Because, even in the midst of it all, I am abundantly blessed, if with nothing more than my strength.  And that strength is further evidence, if ever I needed more, that God is good.  

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